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Elan Medical Spa Specialties

Hormone Replacement

Learn how to increase energy, decrease body fat as well as improve your energy and drive.
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Men's Health

Our Bio-identical hormone plan will increase energy, drive, muscle mass and help you get your edge back. Élan Medical has a full spectrum plan for men. We can help transform you from the inside out.
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Weight-Loss Programs

Our doctor assisted weight loss programs have helped hundreds of patients reach their goals.
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Aesthetic Treatments

Whether you are looking for Botox, skin care or a complete Liquid facelift we have what you need to restore youthfulness and vitalty.
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Èlan VIP Program

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Mission Statement

Élan’s Purpose is to become a truly significant center for individual, community rejuvenation and health.

Élan’s Vision is to rejuvenate, renew, and inspire our patients to achieve their goals, realize their potential, and enjoy a better quality of life. We trust they will carry their renewed health and spirit back to their families and communities and be better equiped to assist and inspire others.

Élan’s Mission is to provide excellent service, healthcare, resources, and education to assist patients overcome obstacles and achieve optimum health so they look, feel, and perform their best.